Terms of Reference

  • To encourage members to actively serve on Council and Committees.
  • To liaise with the ICAB Secretariat to develop a database of potential candidates for Council and Committees.
  • To recommend training, mentoring and any other support to develop the leadership potential of members.
  • To monitor and periodically review the structure, size and composition including the skills, knowledge and experience required of Council and on Committees compared to their current composition and make recommendations to Council regarding any changes.
  • To consider fully succession planning for the Executive Committee taking into consideration the challenges and opportunities facing ICAB, and the skills and expertise needed on Council in the future.
  • To recommend to Council:

          i    the composition of Committees.
       ii   Chairs and Deputy Chairs to be appointed to committees
          iii  persons to fill any casual vacancy on Council as and when they arise.

  • To receive from the Ethics, Governance and Risk Committee performance evaluation results of Council, Committees and Council and Committee members at least once per year.
  • To liaise with the President and/or Vice President of Council on the performance evaluations of council members, and considering the evaluations, recommend the persons for succession planning and performance improvements as required.
  • To liaise with the Chair or Deputy Chair of each Committee on the performance evaluations of their respective Committee members and considering the evaluations, recommend the persons for reappointment, succession planning, performance improvements or removal.

CHAIR - J. Betty Brathwaite

 Patrick Hinkson (Deputy) Dionne Doughlin              
 Michael Edghill Roger Kirton 
 M. Denise Watkins  
MEETING DATE & TIME: 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m. (online)